Cytosport EvoPro
Cytosport EvoPro
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Nature's Perfect Complement To Your Low Carb Diet!
EvoPro is the protein inside famous Muscle Milk, the world's best tasting ultimate lean muscle formula. EvoPro was formulated by the ultimate protein designer, Nature, to be maximally anabolic and anti-catabolic. We believe EvoPro is the most powerful, clinically complete, perfect protein ever available.

Beats Whey Alone
Whey is great! Problem is, it's only part of mother milk - the gold standard anabolic formula. We believe (so does mother nature) that whey works best when complexed with micellar casein. The point is, together, whey and casein provide protein coverage superior to either whey or casein individually.
Four or five small servings during the day is the ideal way to stay anabolic all day long. Never hungry, more energetic. Combining this small portion technique with resistance and weight training will help promote lean muscle mass, the very element crucial to burning stubborn, stored fat.
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