Cytosport Mighty Milk
Cytosport Mighty Milk
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Mighty Milk Is Gulp-Down, Good-To-Go Energy!

All the goodness of real milk, with the added proteins, carbs and quick-energy good fats to keep kids going strong! Mighty Milk is perfect between meals or with meals when time is tight but good eating is a must. Packed with nutrients that kids need for their growing bodies, Mighty Milk is the perfect fuel before play, practice or the school day. The creamy smooth taste goes down great and leaves a smile on little faces too!

Mighty Milk Nutritional Drink provides essential vitamin and minerals that sodas and juices don't have. Added calcium, vitamin C and other nutrients help build strong bones. Delicious, quick, convenient and smart. Lots of the right stuff!

Skipping breakfast is a bad idea, especially for kids.

A perfect after school snack
Anytime is the right time for GREAT nutrition!
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