Cystosport Cytomax Recovery
Cystosport Cytomax Recovery
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Post Workout Recovery Process Catalyst!
"Today's workout is only as good as yesterday's recovery." Today's athletes and active individuals find those time honored words to be as true today as they have ever been. Every lap, lift, mile, and muscle contraction will accumulate strength and fitness if, and only if, you recover from your hard work. Failing to recover from strenuous workouts or events is not only detrimental to your existing strength and fitness, it also prevents you from making valuable gains in the future.

Because recovery is the most important part of any workout, we developed Cytomax Recovery to conveniently supply the macro and micro nutrients you need to repair your body. Our formula combines Polylactate™, Evopro™, Lean Lipids™, along with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals to ensure the proper nutritional support for complete metabolic recovery.

Polylactate™ is the patented, preferred fuel for exercising muscle and is the key component of Cytomax Sport Energy Drink. Lactate is preferentially used by cardiac and respiratory tissues. calorie for calorie, lactate is 5-7 times more efficient than glucose at building liver glycogen. Elite athletes from virtually every sport have set World Records, won Olympic Gold Medals, Cy Young awards, and Tour de France victories using Cytomax Sport Energy Drink. Cytomax Recovery incorporates the same key component of Cytomax Sport Energy Drink to promote energy supply, blood glucose homeostasis, pH buffering, and both muscle and liver glycogen restoration.

Evopro Plus
Evopro Plus is a blend of micellar alpha and beta caseins and caseinates, whey concentrates, and whey isolates. This blend couples the amino acid profile and branched-chain amino acids of whey proteins along with the slow releasing qualities or micellar caseins. This offers the best aspects of both proteins and supplies the building blocks necessary for muscle tissue reparations.

Lean Lipids
Lean Lipids, rich in medium chain triglycerides and long chain polyunsaturated triglycerides, are predominantly burned as energy and not stored as body fat. These fats provide and alternate fuel source to blood glucose, muscle glycogen and liver glycogen.
Anti-Oxidants & Vitamins
Vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene protect against oxidative damage caused when free radicals form during periods of high exertion.
Cytomax Recovery offers the energy and building blocks necessary to reap the benefits of hard training. You can stage hard training days consecutively and compete in multiple day events with confindence that you will gain the benefits of your hard work when using Cytomax Recovery. It mixes easily and tastes delicious so you can enjoy your recvery process at any time and any location!
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