Myogenix Myolean
Myogenix Myolean
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Build Lean Muscle And Lose Unwanted Body Fat!
Low GI (slow releasing carbs)
Build Lean Muscle
Lose Unwanted Body Fat
Complete With Vitamins & Minerals, BCAAs & Glutamine
Prevent fat storage with slow releasing carbs
MyoLean is an advanced Low Glycemic meal replacement specially formulated to yield slow releasing carbohydrates. Low Glycemic carbohydrates keep fat storage to a minimum by keeping insulin levels more stable while also providing long lasting energy.

What is Glycemic Index?
Glycemic Index ranges from 0-100+ and refers to the rate at which a carbohydrate enters the bloodstream and causes an insulin response. Individuals looking to preserve muscle and eliminate body-fat opt for meals with Low Glycemic ratings. Because of its carbohydrate source, MyoLean is extremely low on the Glycemic Index. Most other "meal replacements" contain maltodextrin as a primary carbohydrate source. Maltodextrin has a Glycemic Rating of 100+. That's higher than pure sucrose!

Have more endurance and burn more fat while exercising!
In recent studies, scientists have compared the effects of high glycemic meals and low glycemic meals taken prior to exercise. The results are amazing! Individuals consuming low glycemic meals were shown to last longer during cardiovascular tests. Also, low glycemic meals were shown to increase the amount of free fatty acids in the blood causing more fat to be burned during exercise. In fact, the carbohydrate sources in MyoLean induces thermogenesis on its own!

Get leaner and stronger with constant feeding
Scientific studies indicate that spreading your calories over 6 smaller meals rather than the more traditional "3 squares a day" is critical to building muscle and staying lean. Include consistent exercise and the right game plan and results are definite. However, in today's hectic world, it's difficult, if not impossible to prepare 6 small, well balanced meals. Add MyoLean to your nutritional regimen 2-3 times a day in between meals. This "constant feeding" keeps your body in an anabolic state allowing muscle and definition to reach full potential. It also burns fat by keeping your metabolism elevated, helps with the uptake and assimilation of nutrients, and keeps energy levels high.

Highest quality Ingredients
MyoLean helps take the guess-work out of your nutritional game plan by providing the highest quality protein sources, Low Glycemic carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, added BCAA's, glutamine peptides, and essential fatty acids all packed into one delicious and convenient shake. MyoLean will help assist in your training goals of becoming leaner, stronger, and healthier.
Guaranteed to be the best tasting protein shake on the planet!
You'll never have to "plug your nose" or "chug" another protein shake again for the sake of nutrition. This is a shake you will look forward to drinking.
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