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A Blend Significantly More Potent Than Regular BCAA's!
Two primary functions of BCAAEX (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are increasing nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. Nitrogen retention and protein synthesis are necessary to build muscle. In fact, these anabolic functions are a direct marker of muscle growth. Scientifically speaking, without adequate intake of BCAAEX, it is difficult to build muscle and increase strength. VPX was first to innovate the world's most potent creatine called, CEX , (Ceatine Ethyl Ester HCl). Again, VPX is first to bring you our latest and most profound muscle building innovation, BCAAEX Ethyl Esters. The monstrously powerful BCAAEX, muscle building aminos, utilize the same ethyl ester delivery technology that makes our CEX Creatine, AEX Arginine and Vasodex up to several hundred percent more effective. Demand special delivery. Demand all of your muscle building compounds Special Ethyl Ester Drug-Delivery by VPX BCAAEX: BioEngin:

BCAAEX Highlights

Significantly more Potent than Regular BCAA'S.
Complete BCAA Absorption and Utilization.
Unparalleled BCAA Retention and Duration of Action.
Precise BCAA Ethyl Ester Ratio Proven to Significantly Increase Lean Muscle Mass and Strength.
Powerful Anabolic & Anti-Catabolic Activity to Inhibit Muscle Breakdown.
Maximize Recovery Following Intense Training While Reducing Unwanted Body Fat.
Increase Nitrogen Retention and Protein Synthesis.
Maintain Positive Nitrogen Balance Between Meals
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