VPX Glucosa Cream
VPX Glucosa Cream
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Glucosa Cream™ The Ultimate Cartilage Regeneration Matrix

Over 300 clinical studies have proven the efficacy of glucosamine for rebuilding and repairing damaged cartilage, relieving pain in injured joints, and treating the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. However, because of poor oral bioavailability and extensive degradation of tablets and capsules in the digestive tract, only a small percentage of the administered dose is taken up by the body.

Enter VPX’s Glucosa Cream. Results are felt within minutes, as the super potent ingredients rush directly into the area that it is applied to. Nothing works faster or with more precision than Glucosa Cream, the Human Joint Compound.

Avoids the Digestive Tract. 100% Absorbability. Targeted Pain Relief and Cartilage Repair. Lubricates Joints. Results in Greater Mobility/Flexibility. Supported By Over 300 Clinical Studies.

No Side Effects.
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