VPX DietEx  Craving Control
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone were able to develop a product containing a natural substance that can kill the appetite, voraciously attack fat along with diet and exercise, and destroy carbohydrate cravings, all while increasing energy and libido, with no known side effects? Well guess what…your prayers have been answered as VPX is proud to release yet another world-beating innovation into the sports supplementation arena with DIETEX™! The DIETEX™ formula is based around a rare botanical that grows deep inside the African Kalahari desert. This medicinal herb, called Hoodiax (pronounced who-dee-ax), has been proven to cause massive weight loss in two double blind South African studies with rats and strikingly similar results of powerful appetite suppression and weight loss in human beings in Europe. Hoodiax is 10,000 times more biologically active than glucose to induce the release of brain chemicals and hormonal responses that control hunger. By controlling these chemicals, DIETEX™ is instrumental in reducing and even totally eliminating the desire for food. While Hoodiax alone is simply amazing at controlling the appetite, VPX decided to combine it with another incredible compound called Sceletix (pronounced Skell-leet-ix). Sceletix acts as a serotonin re-uptake inhibitor to make you feel great even though you have eaten far less than you normally do. The actions of Sceletix also balance brain chemicals to control food addictions. Because DIETEX™ fools your brain into believing you are full and totally eliminates carbohydrate cravings, it is the ultimate tool to help millions of low carb dieters stick to their diets like Atkins ®, The Redline® Zero Carb Diet®, Sugarbusters, etc. A whopping 64% of Americans are overweight and we have the highest incidence of obesity in the world. Americans are so desperate to control our appetites that we are having our stomachs stapled and utilizing all kinds of radical surgeries to control the damage caused by overeating. However, all of that might be in the past, as we now appear to have a miracle cure called DIETEX™.
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