VPX Hemogex
VPX Hemogex
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HEMOGEX™ keeps GH and IGF-1 blood levels elevated long after injectable pharmaceutical synthetic Growth Hormone has quit working. The scientific Polylipid breakthrough delivers D-ALA-D-BETA -NAL-ALA-TRP-D-PHE-LYS-NH2 (Z-11) into the bloodstream completely intact, bypassing the destructive effects of the liver and heads straight to the anterior pituitary to induce massive amounts of Growth Hormone, which is then converted into potent levels of IGF-1.

Clinical trials prove that HEMOGEX™ can increase serum Growth Hormone levels up to 4,120 ng/dl and in other clinical trials up to 718% above baseline levels and for an extended period of two hours! Further, HEMOGEX™ has proven to increase serum IGF-1 up to 10,000 ng/dl above baseline levels in clinical trials.

Effects of GH/IGF 1 include:

More muscle (anabolism)

Lower body fat

Joint healing and recovery

Less muscle breakdown (anticatabolism)

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Recommended Use:

Dispense entire content of one vial of HEMOGEX™ into mouth and swallow. Best results are achieved when HEMOGEX™ is taken on an empty stomach one hour prior to resistance training. HEMOGEX™ is also highly effective when consumed prior to sleep on an empty stomach. For rapid accrual of lean muscle, always consume CEX™ and/or a NITRONX™ protein shake 20 minutes following training. For individuals strictly focusing on reducing bodyfat levels, consume a Zero Impact MRP protein shake 20 minutes after resistance exercise. Additionally, a high protein meal, rich in essential fat along with copious amounts of fibrous vegetables should also be consumed during the one hour period following a workout. Because growth hormone production is dependent upon adequate levels of Zinc, Magnesium and Potassium, the patented CMZ™ mineral formula by VPX should also be added to one's supplement protocol. Always consult a nutritionist, dietitian, licensed medical practitioner and professionally certified personal trainer prior to taking any supplement, modifying your diet and/or beginning any exercise program.
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