VPX Redline Extreme RTD
VPX Redline Extreme RTD
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Unleash Your A-Game with the all new Redline® XTreme!

*Beta-Alanine radically improves whole body Creatine retention and muscle Carnosine. Consequently, Beta-Alanine vastly improves strength, repetition capability, and lean muscle growth.

No other product in the world gives you the mind and body-altering experience generated by Redline Ready to Drinks and Redline Liquid Capsules. By triggering precise brain chemicals, the all new Redline Xtreme utilizes a novel scientific approach to ignite energy and also fire up fat loss to an even greater extent than original Redline. Consequently, Redline Xtreme induces an even more intense Freeze and Burn sensation with innovative new muscle energetic compounds like Beta-Alanine.
You have to try it to believe it!

“Team Redline” used the Zero Impact Diet and exercise strategy along with Redline in 2004 to set the 911 Fitness record by losing 127 pounds of fat and gaining 82 pounds of muscle in just 12 weeks. When this record was set we knew we were on to something really big! However, just when we thought we defied fat loss science to the most profound extent possible, team, “Fat to Fit” recently set another record and lost 190 pounds of body fat in just 12 weeks using Redline and the Zero Impact Diet and won $50,000 for their victory! Visit zidiet.com for photos.
VPX/Redline is the only company in our industry that produces liquid fat burners in their own state of the art scientific engineering laboratories and that’s why nobody can even come close to our fat loss records. Sure, other savvy marketers use the words, “Labs”, “Research” and/or “Research and Development” as part of their company names, but don’t be deceived; the only “research and development” these companies are doing is calling a third party manufacturer. Insist on the greatest liquid fat burning and energy innovations of all time – insist on Redline and Redline Xtreme!
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